Friday, October 21, 2011

Exotic animals killed after owner commited suicide

48 animals were killed in Ohio on Wednesday. Those 48 includes 18 bengal tigers and 17 lions.
The first thing I came to my mind was: They killed 18 tigers, which everybody knows there are not many left out there in the wilds.

It says there: "Officers were ordered to kill the animals instead of trying to bring them down with tranquilizers for fear that those hit with darts would escape in the darkness before they dropped and would later regain consciousness." I was like, "What? they can kill them but they can't make them sleep for a few hours?"

I know tranquilizers don't work instantly, but at least spare those tigers. Imagine the next generation would only see them in pictures, thinking that they are some imaginary creature.
And why did they let the owner own that many wild animals??

the full article here:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movies and Animals

Have you ever since movies about animal and saving the life?

There is a movie called cats and dogs. More heroic huh? 

There are so many animals that you can look up. like in, or other web like 100 Greatest Animal movies from old to new.

Movies are great to see. You like romance, comedy, action like cats and dog, horror movies right. many of them have human involve like Robbin Hood, Twilight, Peter Pan or Other side of Heaven right. Well there are some movies about animals like Black Beauty which is about a horse an black horse moving from places to place being tough and strong.  Well look mote on Black Beauty on you can even but it in IMoB.

Many movies that is about animal are great. You should watch them. I promise there is barley any movie with out animals being involve with them except mysterious movies.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey a boy want you to look at Rainforest and Animal

Hey did you know younger people are interested in this too and my brother has made an blogger About Deforestation in the rain forest this also include animals.

So please go to this web site if you are interested in the Rain forest.


Reptile skin being carved in to hand bags and many more.

Girls do you love Reptile skins as belts, hand bags or shoes?
This was from a shopping sail cart. this is a Reptile Skin with silk. If you buy this then your are horrible person.

If so then People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have a movie that you should watch.

Snakes, Lizards and alligators being slaughter, skied and snailed for their skin.
This is a snake being cut for his/ her skin. 
The one at the bottom is alligator  being skinned. Sad huh? Shopper of hand bags if you don't like this then buys something different.

After you watch that movie what do you think?  Sadly people don't like these kind of animals becasue they are slimy right? Well they aren't that bad creatures.

PETA said ''No!'' to the cruel slaughter of millions of animals around the world for their skins." PETA is another organization how aim at "on factory farms, in the clothing trade, in laboratories, and in the entertainment industry." To stop them from harming animals by this way. They had very successful times. Please look. they have 55 pages of success. there are many ways to take action even in Facebook they say "Check out these five simple ways that you can help animals through Facebook today!" 

So help out and stop buying Reptiles skin.


Zoos and Animals

Pretty huh? that was from Vegan Peace information

We all have went to zoos once in a while. What animal do you love?

Zoos: a dictionary say that zoos is a are place that have multiple kind of animals that are wild and have been put in to parks or gardent to be inspeacted to learning and entertainment.

Vegan Peace say that zoo can be bad but there are great things about the zoos. you can find great post and entertainments. Many animals such as elephant life spands don't last for longer the 16 to 18 year compaired to the wild life which is 50 to 70 years. These people said that zoos "zoos have only been able to return about 16 species to the wild with varying level of success." they also said that zoo beraly record the data of the animals cumming and going and that they are not harmed.  

Some of you say that Zoos are great for animal but did you know that some animals are in zoos for entertainment instead of being protected?   Captive Animal's Protection Society(CAPS) said that they have seen many animals ill there have been left in their space to suffer and die there. This happen in Tweddle Farm zoo. 

Woburn Safari Park had their lions kept in cages for 18hours a day. Not big but small cages  
about this problem an inspector name "A Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs  zoo inspection said “The animals were very crowded and there was no provision for individual feeding or sleeping areas. There was no visible environmental enrichment. Some of the lions exhibited skin wounds and multiple scars of various age, some fresh, some healed.” 


CAPS are an organization that save and protect animals such as this one one top from cages and harm or any human that wish to harm them. they have rescued and same many animals from zoos and Circus.  They educate people from doing harm to wild animals into protecting them from people like zoos or circus.

Their logo is on the left side of you. 

If you chose to go see animals then check out these zoo. Woburn Safari Park, Noah’s Ark, Tweddle Farm Zoo, Knowsley Safari Park and Edinburgh Zoo. These zoos have been improved by CAPS. Please look at CAPS work and you can support  their groups by Donation or joining their group or contacting them.  


Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Geographic.

National Geographic.

What does that mean to you? History, wild life, travel, entertainment? Yeah that right. But I not talking about those boring history or travel or creating of Job. Those are all boring and mean nothing to me, but animal are the main reason I look in these book.
Have you seen this? Many birds, I never seen this at all "Half a million sandhill cranes pause in the Platte River in Nebraska to fatten up on corn waste..." Do you ever dream to fly like a bird? They can see high and go any where with out going on a plain.  Man I wish that could happen to me. Did you know that antpitta (kinds of birds) can sing over 60-100 notes? I never new that my self. What do you think cool huh?

Wait there another picture that will make you say WOW!
You may can see but these are Cattle around people homes "Cattle- foundation of the Dinka economy-Speckle a floodplain in a camp near a branch of the Nile during the dry season."These white dots are the Cattle and the brown is the spaces are left. Not many huh? Many that a lot. These two photo are found in National Geographic Mysteries Of Great Migrations.

Wild life is what every hike, photographer of land, artist of landscape, singger would come to to gain peace. What your looking at is "Spring fog drifts over a Pennsylvania apple orchard as sun rise" by Amy Toensing. Wait here a dream you would love.What you are looking at your right is "Atlanta River Valley" by The Gates of the Arctic National Park. Pretty huh? Sorry my picture are so small right? if you want to look it up then buy these book to know what I am talking about.

Many of us want peace. Well this is our world if we want peace then we have to stand up and work on that! Like I said there are many organization from land, air and sea that would protect these places. All you have to do is look them up by my old blooger post or by writing  Wild life, sea life, Habitat Loss, Pet organization on google like I did.

Buy the book if your intrested. Look at National and and write: national geographic at the search section. 


Coral Reef!

have you ever snorkel or diving?
You can find many difference kind of fishes under the ocean. You can find many different kinds of things.

Some like this kind of people can find different kinds of corals small and big. I love to collect coral my self even though it is bad. You know if you collect coral that are dead they would give you a difference feel compared to live corals. Alive corals do feel soft and spongy compaired to the dead one when you put it in water.

This that you are seeing is from Cascade room, it 80 feet below the surface in Abaco Island. This was discovering in 1990's. there are three diver passing through the rock. (National Geographic Bahamas Blue Holes)

We collect the fish we eat them right? Every single time we catch and kill well, we also or it's just me that collect coral for the beauty of it. No. There are many people that collect coral like me. I said it bad because we collect either live or dead.  Some of us collect for their beauty other collect for their fish they keep. Well once we lose those coral are gone where would the fish live? Hum. I a guilty for doing that shortly many protector of sea would say how could you! It the same with the fish once the fish is all gone then what does the older and we eat on for the nice flavor or what can we look at under neath us beside coral? Well either ways we do lose the sea. Sad huh. The Coral Reef Alliance is one of those organization that would save the ocean. These people said "Because much of the visible damage to coral reef ecosystems happens deep in the ocean, many people don’t realize that our reefs are in trouble... no matter where we live."

What it mean is what ever we do is wrong! We shouldn't collect coral for our own good. Divers and snorkelers do you want to snorkel or dive and see nothing there and it look like this? No fish no colours of wild creators you never seen before all gone? Well you can by telling us collector or killer of sea to stop and join bigger organization like the The Coral Reef Alliance to keep your sea.

We would stop for the cause and I ask you to Stand up for what right! This organization said "Working Together To Keep Coral Reef Alive." They are right. We should help out in doing small thing like give worming and and people like me should stop collect coral reef. Look at The Coral Reef Alliance web for your good of helping out if your interested in protecting your sea. These people have many good ways of protecting your beloved sea.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interesting Animal Facts

Did you know?

- Sumatran Tigers have webbed feet. This allows the tiger to swim easily, and they will often cross more than one river to find food!
- Short-Clawed Otters can close their nostrils and ears to keep water from getting in when they are swimming.
- During any given day, a family of Siamang can travel up to a mile (1.6 km) on their search for food.
- Many of the stories of mythological dragons may have come from the Komodo Dragon? Their yellow tongues and foul breath gave the impression that they could breathe fire and could be the inspiration for our own stories of fire-breathing dragons.
- Sumatran Rhinoceroses can consume up to 110 pounds (50 kg) of food every day.

After reading these facts, here are some questions to ask yourselves...
- Did you consider how special animals are after reading these facts?
- Did you notice how animals have impact our lives?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hiker put up a FIGHT!!

Have you ever went Camping or hiking?

This is a picture of a Wild forest.
If not. Hiking or Camping would give you a great exsperience of the wild life. On friday April 29-30, I went on a camping trip with a few friends to see how the wild life was like. I found this camping trip fun. I can see what the wild forest was like before if was destroyed. Why I talked about camping or hiking? I talk about that because you can see such marvelous wild creature that I can't find in the city. I tell you the city don't have beutiful animals like birds or butterfly as you can find them in the forest. You can also feel the wind come on your face.  These wild life are all animals home! Even tiger, lions, monkey, deers and so on. When we make our home we use their home to make our homes.

Many of you would say Ewww. Insect or what if I get hurt? Well your right. You do get cuts if you not careful. Insect won't bother you if you leave you alone.  Remember what WWF said that we humans are destroying their homes. See more in what WWF said about habitat loss.

This is sad when it comes to hiking huh. You know what cause hiking hard? Its the trees  not the humans but the trees, hills, grass and the dirt which make the hiking hared.

So you Hiker what are you going to do when this happens?

Hiker put up a fight and help your wildlife be protected!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Habitat Loss

Earth Day. What do you think earth day about? Humanitarian?, Habitat loss? Animal safty?
Global Worming? Hmmm. Well Earth day cover all of that. We human are social society where people help the world.

We all have a dream from Free to bond. Religious to non religious, Parent to non parent. well I hope you get my point that we all have dream no matter what it is. Many of us dream of the world being beutiful, peaceful and fun to play in where there can't be problem. Sad to say but out would is in state of issue. 

Hmmm. Beauty right? Well this is not a dream that came true. The only way to have that is by action. Speaking of monkey did you know there are monkey in this photo? They are clear to see. Monkey are also being extinct because we are destroying many animals home. 

In our head as a business man we get build, keep and destroy over and over. Same with paper, write use and throw away. World Wildlife Fund said in 1990's till now "about 94 million... (equivalent to 2.4% of total forests). It is estimated that in the 1990s, almost 70% of deforested areas were converted to agricultural land."

Yikes!!!! Man if this is what happening ever since 1990's.Do you like this?

Okay if you don't like this then have you notice that this is  animal that you seen all round homes. I mean imagine not having a home. if I was an animal I would cross over to the human world. Many animal cross over and you would say Ow No this animal will eat all my crops or this is a very dangerous animal don't get close to them or kill it!

Hiker you love seeing the sight of your hills right. Beautiful sight and the wild can make you hike challenging right? Well what happen would government takes over and cut your forest away. No all your forest. Where would you go? You have no more challenges or no more sound of the bird singing, or seeing new creature.

Have you hear of organization that would protect these forest? like World Wildlife Funds, Global Issue Network, or even Jakarta Animal Aid Network. There are so many organization around the world. it just that you have to move your butt from the couch and search for them. There are some hints from the group I show you.

So Get Off Your Couch and Start Looking for these groups! I would if I were you. But I am in a group called Student for Animal Voices and Ethics.

Monkey Held Captive in abuse!

JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network). Animals issue increase. Have you heard that monkey are being sold to many people? 

According to JAAN wildlife animals are being sold to rich people which is a problem. Such as Lions, monkeys, and many more.

JAAN save  from home to wildlife animals from being abuse and Capacitive animal. Have you heard that in Indonesia many people are using monkey for performance?

 Look! GO! see what JAAN say. If you haven't seen this. If your in Indonesia you can see them on the roads including in big area. These people are earning money by  putting monkey as an entertainment. But behind those entertainment you would see abuse. Monkey from baby to adult.  

Imagine: that it was you being abuse by these kind of people. Not being able to speak for you self! Being tied behind the back! carrying 200 pound of brick on you back. being chain on the neck! being Yanked and force to entertain for for no reason!  So these poor monkey are in this situation where they have no freedom and forced to have thing on them and being harmed!

Monkey Lover what would you Do?  would held them Captive or Free them by doing one simple thing for JAAN?

JAAN want your help by not paying to those poeple in order  have people to stop.

From Rachel

The Blue-Eyed Ground Dove

Hey there, in my Science class I have been learning on endangered species and how to stop them form becoming extinct. Everyone in my class had to write an essayabout an endangered species. My selected endangered species to write an essay on is the "Blue-eyed Ground Dove." Here it is.

The Blue-eyed Ground Dove
By: Zaky

Blue-eyed Ground Dove is an endangered species in the Brazilian that may soon be extinct. We should attempt to protect Blue-eyedGround Dove for Political and moral reasons. For moral reasons I think that it is wrong to kill innocent species such as the Blue-eyed ground dove. I believe that all kinds of species must remain. Meanwhile the Brazilian government is taking some consideration and held a new law to keep them from extinction.Before examining the reasons to protect the Blue-eyed Ground Dove, we will examine the unique habitat and characteristics of the amazing animal. First, it lives in the tropical rainforest in Brazil. Second, a very unique thing about the blue-eyed ground dove is that the cause of the species to be threatened isstill uncertain, but many scientists believed that it’s because of habitat loss.Every species is very important in its own way. Morally I think that it is wrong to kill innocent species such as the Blue-eyed ground Dove. I believe that all kinds of species must remain. If the Blue-eyed Ground Dove were to be extinct then scientifically it would create a disturbance in the food chain and disrupt the balance of nature. The prey of the Blue-eyed ground dove would increase drastically. While the predator of it will decrease due to its non-existence anymore. So you see by killing onespecies it can ruin a whole lot of other species. So we must protect the Blue-eyed Ground dove and other species that is endangered.Right now the Brazilian Government has stepped up and begins to protect the Blue-eyed ground dove by putting the Blue-eyed ground dove safety under Brazilian law. Now the few remaining Blue-eyed ground doves are being cared in Serra das Araras Ecological Station.

Scientistbelieves that the Blue-eyed ground dove is endangered by habitat loss due to the combined effects of grazing and agriculture. These effects had heavily altered two thirds of the Cerrado (a tropical grassland savannah) region by 1993. If these effects expand, then the Blue-eyed Ground dove its common habitat will disappear along with it. We must protect the Blue-eyed Ground dove before it is too late.


1. "Blue-eyed Ground Dove." BL Ads. Birdlife. Web. 07 Oct. 2010. . 2. "Blue-eyed Ground Dove." International Dove Society. Web. 13 Oct. 2010. . 3. "Dodo." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia. Web. 07 Oct. 2010. . 4. "Dodos and Calvaria Tree Survival." Creation Tips: Christian Answers with a Creationist Slant. Saturday July 2009. Web. 11 Oct. 2010. . 5. "Environmental Impact : The Tragedy of the Dodo (1598-1681)." - Learn about "David Reilly" Web. 11 Oct. 2010.

What do you think? Here are some questions to think about...
- Do you think it's morally wrong to kill and hunt endangered species?
- What action would you take to save an endangered species?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mass Extinction

Mankind may have unleashed the sixth known mass extinction in Earth's history, according to a paper released on Wednesday by the science journal Nature.

Over the past 540 million years, five mega-wipeouts of species have occurred through naturally-induced events.

But the new threat is man-made, inflicted by habitation loss, over-hunting, over-fishing, the spread of germs and viruses and introduced species, and by climate change caused by fossil-fuel greenhouse gases, says the more.

Be sure to read the comments for the article. How can we tell if this is true? If it is true, How do we read things like this and carry on our lives as if nothing is happening? How can we show people what this will be to our future? How can we make articles like this real for me? I don't know. That is why we are all here. Any ideas?

if it is not true, who would benefit from writing articles like this? How do we make up our minds about ideas like these?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can you Make a Difference?

We live on land and we use lots of materials to live right? We use many materials for education, work, Homes (pencils, electricity, leather and so on), and transportation's (cars, trains and so on). It's okay to take certain amount but the world has problem. Do you know what we are talking about? “In the 1990’s we have lost about 94 million forest. Which is about 2.4% of the wild life. We are in deforestation ….” said World Wildlife Fund.

In western Hungry Aluminum company collapsed and harmed 129 people. Greenpeace International had to change thing around there. This "" This website is very good when it comes to natural disaster or as I call it Habitat loss. So have you figure out what we are talking about? we are talking about habitat loss. Plant and animals are the wildlife. Once we destroy one group then we destroy All. We destroy by factories, oil spills, construction, and many more. You know land, Sea, and air animals have been affected by our destruction like sea otter die because we harm then “Between 3,500 and 5,500 sea otters have died because of oil spills.” source

Stafford University say that “40% of the earth's land surface is being used by humans and we have left only 60% for all other species to share.” source

National Geographic talk about many kinds of animals. When we destroy we lose lots of things.
There are movies about animals losing live because of human self careless moves. Like The Lost Lion by Jermaine Irons, The Cove by Justin Chang, Sharks Productions by Robert Stewart, and many more movies. These animals are in many movies and shows. How many movies have you seen that do not have at least one animal? Birds, Cats, Dog, Horses, and so on. Many say that animals are a threat to human life but that incorrect. We human are a threat to them.

Let me explain. We shoot, stab, take and eat animal and their homes.  Not only movies that talk about the world and the problem, but also music like We believe by Good Charlotte, Someday by Rob Thomas, Savin’ me by Nickleback, where is the love by Black Eye Peas and many more. So if you never heard or watched these movies then try to listen to them. They all talk about the Earth it self. These people made a different by showing or expressing their feeling to the world.

We human can make a difference no matter how Old or young, family or single, child or adult. We can change. Have you heard of Wild Life Funds, Green Peace, or National Geographic? These organization made a big different to the world saving and protecting the wild life. around the world. From North to East, South to West. Asia to Europe, North America to South America you can find these kind of organization. So there no way you can can’t find them.

We can also do small thing like recycling (Paper, Cans, Batteries, and Many more) we can stop killing or shooting any animals, We can plants, We can stop Factories from polluting, We can cycle (ride Bikes)and Walking instead of transportation for close distance like 10 or even 5 minutes. Some places like Indonesia. Is bad for the environment. Which have lots of traffic. It better to walk, or even ride bicycle. No motor bike! But bicycle that use your feet to move. Would be much faster to get to your destination then waiting for 20 or 30 minutes. Especially when your not patient.

So I asked you of all humans. Can you also make a different by joining any organization or doing something simple? Can you help stop Natural Disasters?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How You See the World?

A Talented Image By zebble 

What do you think when you hear the word ‘Culture’? Do you think of family nights out? Or something familiar - something you can relate to?

Perhaps culture is too wide a word to use here. Let’s call it your Opinions. Your opinions are your own point of view- how you see the world. So how would you react, if you found that those opinions were wrong, or if you didn’t agree with them anymore? How would you react, if you found out that something you found comforting, something that you did with your family or friends perhaps, was morally wrong?

Would you become defensive, perhaps? Would you try to find situations where this behavior could be accepted, where it wouldn’t cross the line into cruelty? That is also a big concept; the concept of morals; of ethics. Where do you stand on the scale? Is killing a cow bad? Or is it all right because it’s for food? Is swatting a fly bad? Is watching a dolphin at a dolphin show bad? What about Animal Rights?

These are the kinds of questions that you need to start opening up to. You need to start questioning opinions, decisions and everything that happens. If you say that killing animals is bad, you need to find out how extreme you are willing to make that view.

You cannot keep depending on someone else to tell you what is right or wrong. You are an independent person, and you need to make those decisions by yourself. Call it a journey of self discovery-or whatever you wish to call it. The age of procrastination, of having the luxury to think that the next generation will fix everything, is over. We, the children of today, are the next generation, and we need to start taking responsibility for our actions.

Before you can talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. Analyze your everyday life, research into things. Does your favorite shampoo test on animals? How do you find out? If it does, would you still use it? What about other things in your daily life?

Some say ignorance is bliss, but now, today, we do not have such luxury.

- Adellea