Friday, May 20, 2011

Zoos and Animals

Pretty huh? that was from Vegan Peace information

We all have went to zoos once in a while. What animal do you love?

Zoos: a dictionary say that zoos is a are place that have multiple kind of animals that are wild and have been put in to parks or gardent to be inspeacted to learning and entertainment.

Vegan Peace say that zoo can be bad but there are great things about the zoos. you can find great post and entertainments. Many animals such as elephant life spands don't last for longer the 16 to 18 year compaired to the wild life which is 50 to 70 years. These people said that zoos "zoos have only been able to return about 16 species to the wild with varying level of success." they also said that zoo beraly record the data of the animals cumming and going and that they are not harmed.  

Some of you say that Zoos are great for animal but did you know that some animals are in zoos for entertainment instead of being protected?   Captive Animal's Protection Society(CAPS) said that they have seen many animals ill there have been left in their space to suffer and die there. This happen in Tweddle Farm zoo. 

Woburn Safari Park had their lions kept in cages for 18hours a day. Not big but small cages  
about this problem an inspector name "A Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs  zoo inspection said “The animals were very crowded and there was no provision for individual feeding or sleeping areas. There was no visible environmental enrichment. Some of the lions exhibited skin wounds and multiple scars of various age, some fresh, some healed.” 


CAPS are an organization that save and protect animals such as this one one top from cages and harm or any human that wish to harm them. they have rescued and same many animals from zoos and Circus.  They educate people from doing harm to wild animals into protecting them from people like zoos or circus.

Their logo is on the left side of you. 

If you chose to go see animals then check out these zoo. Woburn Safari Park, Noah’s Ark, Tweddle Farm Zoo, Knowsley Safari Park and Edinburgh Zoo. These zoos have been improved by CAPS. Please look at CAPS work and you can support  their groups by Donation or joining their group or contacting them.  


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