Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Geographic.

National Geographic.

What does that mean to you? History, wild life, travel, entertainment? Yeah that right. But I not talking about those boring history or travel or creating of Job. Those are all boring and mean nothing to me, but animal are the main reason I look in these book.
Have you seen this? Many birds, I never seen this at all "Half a million sandhill cranes pause in the Platte River in Nebraska to fatten up on corn waste..." Do you ever dream to fly like a bird? They can see high and go any where with out going on a plain.  Man I wish that could happen to me. Did you know that antpitta (kinds of birds) can sing over 60-100 notes? I never new that my self. What do you think cool huh?

Wait there another picture that will make you say WOW!
You may can see but these are Cattle around people homes "Cattle- foundation of the Dinka economy-Speckle a floodplain in a camp near a branch of the Nile during the dry season."These white dots are the Cattle and the brown is the spaces are left. Not many huh? Many that a lot. These two photo are found in National Geographic Mysteries Of Great Migrations.

Wild life is what every hike, photographer of land, artist of landscape, singger would come to to gain peace. What your looking at is "Spring fog drifts over a Pennsylvania apple orchard as sun rise" by Amy Toensing. Wait here a dream you would love.What you are looking at your right is "Atlanta River Valley" by The Gates of the Arctic National Park. Pretty huh? Sorry my picture are so small right? if you want to look it up then buy these book to know what I am talking about.

Many of us want peace. Well this is our world if we want peace then we have to stand up and work on that! Like I said there are many organization from land, air and sea that would protect these places. All you have to do is look them up by my old blooger post or by writing  Wild life, sea life, Habitat Loss, Pet organization on google like I did.

Buy the book if your intrested. Look at National and and write: national geographic at the search section. 


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