Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coral Reef!

have you ever snorkel or diving?
You can find many difference kind of fishes under the ocean. You can find many different kinds of things.

Some like this kind of people can find different kinds of corals small and big. I love to collect coral my self even though it is bad. You know if you collect coral that are dead they would give you a difference feel compared to live corals. Alive corals do feel soft and spongy compaired to the dead one when you put it in water.

This that you are seeing is from Cascade room, it 80 feet below the surface in Abaco Island. This was discovering in 1990's. there are three diver passing through the rock. (National Geographic Bahamas Blue Holes)

We collect the fish we eat them right? Every single time we catch and kill well, we also or it's just me that collect coral for the beauty of it. No. There are many people that collect coral like me. I said it bad because we collect either live or dead.  Some of us collect for their beauty other collect for their fish they keep. Well once we lose those coral are gone where would the fish live? Hum. I a guilty for doing that shortly many protector of sea would say how could you! It the same with the fish once the fish is all gone then what does the older and we eat on for the nice flavor or what can we look at under neath us beside coral? Well either ways we do lose the sea. Sad huh. The Coral Reef Alliance is one of those organization that would save the ocean. These people said "Because much of the visible damage to coral reef ecosystems happens deep in the ocean, many people don’t realize that our reefs are in trouble... no matter where we live."

What it mean is what ever we do is wrong! We shouldn't collect coral for our own good. Divers and snorkelers do you want to snorkel or dive and see nothing there and it look like this? No fish no colours of wild creators you never seen before all gone? Well you can by telling us collector or killer of sea to stop and join bigger organization like the The Coral Reef Alliance to keep your sea.

We would stop for the cause and I ask you to Stand up for what right! This organization said "Working Together To Keep Coral Reef Alive." They are right. We should help out in doing small thing like give worming and and people like me should stop collect coral reef. Look at The Coral Reef Alliance web for your good of helping out if your interested in protecting your sea. These people have many good ways of protecting your beloved sea.


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