What We Are About

We, Students for Animal Voices and Ethics (SAVE), are a group of students from Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) that believe in equality and rights for animals.

Our goal is to understand animal rights and how our decisions affect the lives of the animals. We, Students of SWA, are aiming to help support animals to gain the right for freedom instead of mistreatment. From life at home to the wild life, we are working to change our community’s attitude toward animals. Our group from SWA chose to help animals gain the respect that they justly deserve, because we are all interconnected, and we live in one world that we all have to share.

SAVE believes that animals aren’t just a food source, or source of entertainment and raw materials, but actual living, breathing creatures that have emotions and feelings just like we do. They feel pain and discomfort. They deserve to be treated fairly and justly.