Who We Are

I am Adellea, one of the Members of SAVE, also known as Students for Animal Voices and Ethics. I am in the 7th grade, and one of the two youngest people in our group. I joined SAVE because of equality. Of justice. Of rights. Why is it, when you see a human child being mistreated, you protest right away, yet when you see an animal being isolated, trapped in a cage without freedom, you walk away? Why is all this injustice being ignored? That is why I joined SAVE. To question reality, and to challenge ability.

I am Rachel. I first got interested is group when I was doing an essay about Habitat loss in seventh grade. I joined the group to find more information about how animals and the environment can be supported or saved. I figured that joining in this group show that any one young or old could make a different through out their life. We human live on earth because of the environment and animals. What we do is dependable. We chose to destroy the environment but also we can also stop the processes of destroying it. It’s your Choice.

I am Jessica, a member of SAVE. I joined SAVE because I like animals. They're pretty amazing even though many people do not like them. I am here to contribute in making a difference in the way people think about animals.

My name is Zaky; I am a seventh grade student at SWA (Sinarmas World Academy). My favorite subjects are Math, English and Design Technology. I joined S.A.V.E (Students For Animal Voices and Ethics) because I want to get involved in helping animals. I want animals to have a voice and not be used for entertainment or clothing.

I am Mr. Jabiz the teacher facilitator of the Global Issues club at SWA. I am here to guide these students in their effort to reach a wide audience in order to raise awareness and shift people's attitudes toward our relationships with animals.

I am Ignes Kusuma and  I joined SAVE because I want to learn more about animals and understand their feelings as well as helping them in as many ways as I can because I think that not all people treat animals nicely. I also want to build my sympathy and empathy through learning about animals and then making other people realize that we should treat animals better than we are right now.