Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movies and Animals

Have you ever since movies about animal and saving the life?

There is a movie called cats and dogs. More heroic huh? 

There are so many animals that you can look up. like in, or other web like 100 Greatest Animal movies from old to new.

Movies are great to see. You like romance, comedy, action like cats and dog, horror movies right. many of them have human involve like Robbin Hood, Twilight, Peter Pan or Other side of Heaven right. Well there are some movies about animals like Black Beauty which is about a horse an black horse moving from places to place being tough and strong.  Well look mote on Black Beauty on you can even but it in IMoB.

Many movies that is about animal are great. You should watch them. I promise there is barley any movie with out animals being involve with them except mysterious movies.


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