Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hiker put up a FIGHT!!

Have you ever went Camping or hiking?

This is a picture of a Wild forest.
If not. Hiking or Camping would give you a great exsperience of the wild life. On friday April 29-30, I went on a camping trip with a few friends to see how the wild life was like. I found this camping trip fun. I can see what the wild forest was like before if was destroyed. Why I talked about camping or hiking? I talk about that because you can see such marvelous wild creature that I can't find in the city. I tell you the city don't have beutiful animals like birds or butterfly as you can find them in the forest. You can also feel the wind come on your face.  These wild life are all animals home! Even tiger, lions, monkey, deers and so on. When we make our home we use their home to make our homes.

Many of you would say Ewww. Insect or what if I get hurt? Well your right. You do get cuts if you not careful. Insect won't bother you if you leave you alone.  Remember what WWF said that we humans are destroying their homes. See more in what WWF said about habitat loss.

This is sad when it comes to hiking huh. You know what cause hiking hard? Its the trees  not the humans but the trees, hills, grass and the dirt which make the hiking hared.

So you Hiker what are you going to do when this happens?

Hiker put up a fight and help your wildlife be protected!


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