Thursday, April 28, 2011

Habitat Loss

Earth Day. What do you think earth day about? Humanitarian?, Habitat loss? Animal safty?
Global Worming? Hmmm. Well Earth day cover all of that. We human are social society where people help the world.

We all have a dream from Free to bond. Religious to non religious, Parent to non parent. well I hope you get my point that we all have dream no matter what it is. Many of us dream of the world being beutiful, peaceful and fun to play in where there can't be problem. Sad to say but out would is in state of issue. 

Hmmm. Beauty right? Well this is not a dream that came true. The only way to have that is by action. Speaking of monkey did you know there are monkey in this photo? They are clear to see. Monkey are also being extinct because we are destroying many animals home. 

In our head as a business man we get build, keep and destroy over and over. Same with paper, write use and throw away. World Wildlife Fund said in 1990's till now "about 94 million... (equivalent to 2.4% of total forests). It is estimated that in the 1990s, almost 70% of deforested areas were converted to agricultural land."

Yikes!!!! Man if this is what happening ever since 1990's.Do you like this?

Okay if you don't like this then have you notice that this is  animal that you seen all round homes. I mean imagine not having a home. if I was an animal I would cross over to the human world. Many animal cross over and you would say Ow No this animal will eat all my crops or this is a very dangerous animal don't get close to them or kill it!

Hiker you love seeing the sight of your hills right. Beautiful sight and the wild can make you hike challenging right? Well what happen would government takes over and cut your forest away. No all your forest. Where would you go? You have no more challenges or no more sound of the bird singing, or seeing new creature.

Have you hear of organization that would protect these forest? like World Wildlife Funds, Global Issue Network, or even Jakarta Animal Aid Network. There are so many organization around the world. it just that you have to move your butt from the couch and search for them. There are some hints from the group I show you.

So Get Off Your Couch and Start Looking for these groups! I would if I were you. But I am in a group called Student for Animal Voices and Ethics.

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