Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monkey Held Captive in abuse!

JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network). Animals issue increase. Have you heard that monkey are being sold to many people? 

According to JAAN wildlife animals are being sold to rich people which is a problem. Such as Lions, monkeys, and many more.

JAAN save  from home to wildlife animals from being abuse and Capacitive animal. Have you heard that in Indonesia many people are using monkey for performance?

 Look! GO! see what JAAN say. If you haven't seen this. If your in Indonesia you can see them on the roads including in big area. These people are earning money by  putting monkey as an entertainment. But behind those entertainment you would see abuse. Monkey from baby to adult.  

Imagine: that it was you being abuse by these kind of people. Not being able to speak for you self! Being tied behind the back! carrying 200 pound of brick on you back. being chain on the neck! being Yanked and force to entertain for for no reason!  So these poor monkey are in this situation where they have no freedom and forced to have thing on them and being harmed!

Monkey Lover what would you Do?  would held them Captive or Free them by doing one simple thing for JAAN?

JAAN want your help by not paying to those poeple in order  have people to stop.

From Rachel

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