Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Blue-Eyed Ground Dove

Hey there, in my Science class I have been learning on endangered species and how to stop them form becoming extinct. Everyone in my class had to write an essayabout an endangered species. My selected endangered species to write an essay on is the "Blue-eyed Ground Dove." Here it is.

The Blue-eyed Ground Dove
By: Zaky

Blue-eyed Ground Dove is an endangered species in the Brazilian that may soon be extinct. We should attempt to protect Blue-eyedGround Dove for Political and moral reasons. For moral reasons I think that it is wrong to kill innocent species such as the Blue-eyed ground dove. I believe that all kinds of species must remain. Meanwhile the Brazilian government is taking some consideration and held a new law to keep them from extinction.Before examining the reasons to protect the Blue-eyed Ground Dove, we will examine the unique habitat and characteristics of the amazing animal. First, it lives in the tropical rainforest in Brazil. Second, a very unique thing about the blue-eyed ground dove is that the cause of the species to be threatened isstill uncertain, but many scientists believed that it’s because of habitat loss.Every species is very important in its own way. Morally I think that it is wrong to kill innocent species such as the Blue-eyed ground Dove. I believe that all kinds of species must remain. If the Blue-eyed Ground Dove were to be extinct then scientifically it would create a disturbance in the food chain and disrupt the balance of nature. The prey of the Blue-eyed ground dove would increase drastically. While the predator of it will decrease due to its non-existence anymore. So you see by killing onespecies it can ruin a whole lot of other species. So we must protect the Blue-eyed Ground dove and other species that is endangered.Right now the Brazilian Government has stepped up and begins to protect the Blue-eyed ground dove by putting the Blue-eyed ground dove safety under Brazilian law. Now the few remaining Blue-eyed ground doves are being cared in Serra das Araras Ecological Station.

Scientistbelieves that the Blue-eyed ground dove is endangered by habitat loss due to the combined effects of grazing and agriculture. These effects had heavily altered two thirds of the Cerrado (a tropical grassland savannah) region by 1993. If these effects expand, then the Blue-eyed Ground dove its common habitat will disappear along with it. We must protect the Blue-eyed Ground dove before it is too late.


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What do you think? Here are some questions to think about...
- Do you think it's morally wrong to kill and hunt endangered species?
- What action would you take to save an endangered species?

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