Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can you Make a Difference?

We live on land and we use lots of materials to live right? We use many materials for education, work, Homes (pencils, electricity, leather and so on), and transportation's (cars, trains and so on). It's okay to take certain amount but the world has problem. Do you know what we are talking about? “In the 1990’s we have lost about 94 million forest. Which is about 2.4% of the wild life. We are in deforestation ….” said World Wildlife Fund.

In western Hungry Aluminum company collapsed and harmed 129 people. Greenpeace International had to change thing around there. This "" This website is very good when it comes to natural disaster or as I call it Habitat loss. So have you figure out what we are talking about? we are talking about habitat loss. Plant and animals are the wildlife. Once we destroy one group then we destroy All. We destroy by factories, oil spills, construction, and many more. You know land, Sea, and air animals have been affected by our destruction like sea otter die because we harm then “Between 3,500 and 5,500 sea otters have died because of oil spills.” source

Stafford University say that “40% of the earth's land surface is being used by humans and we have left only 60% for all other species to share.” source

National Geographic talk about many kinds of animals. When we destroy we lose lots of things.
There are movies about animals losing live because of human self careless moves. Like The Lost Lion by Jermaine Irons, The Cove by Justin Chang, Sharks Productions by Robert Stewart, and many more movies. These animals are in many movies and shows. How many movies have you seen that do not have at least one animal? Birds, Cats, Dog, Horses, and so on. Many say that animals are a threat to human life but that incorrect. We human are a threat to them.

Let me explain. We shoot, stab, take and eat animal and their homes.  Not only movies that talk about the world and the problem, but also music like We believe by Good Charlotte, Someday by Rob Thomas, Savin’ me by Nickleback, where is the love by Black Eye Peas and many more. So if you never heard or watched these movies then try to listen to them. They all talk about the Earth it self. These people made a different by showing or expressing their feeling to the world.

We human can make a difference no matter how Old or young, family or single, child or adult. We can change. Have you heard of Wild Life Funds, Green Peace, or National Geographic? These organization made a big different to the world saving and protecting the wild life. around the world. From North to East, South to West. Asia to Europe, North America to South America you can find these kind of organization. So there no way you can can’t find them.

We can also do small thing like recycling (Paper, Cans, Batteries, and Many more) we can stop killing or shooting any animals, We can plants, We can stop Factories from polluting, We can cycle (ride Bikes)and Walking instead of transportation for close distance like 10 or even 5 minutes. Some places like Indonesia. Is bad for the environment. Which have lots of traffic. It better to walk, or even ride bicycle. No motor bike! But bicycle that use your feet to move. Would be much faster to get to your destination then waiting for 20 or 30 minutes. Especially when your not patient.

So I asked you of all humans. Can you also make a different by joining any organization or doing something simple? Can you help stop Natural Disasters?

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